Winter Beach Party – March 15, 2012

Providers and children who didn’t get an opportunity to vacation down south sure found a way to still enjoy some summer fun during the March Break!  Nothing gets the children’s enthusiasm more than to mix up the program and do something “out of the ordinary”.

On March 15, Providers turned up the heat, brought the outdoors in and had great fun at their Together Wee Can – Winter Beach Party!  What child doesn’t want a chance to take off their shoes and socks, wear shorts, bathing suits and flip flops and have fun playing with water and sand, all the more fun when the weather outside is cold.

Many Providers got their blankets and towels out, stuck paper suns on the walls of the playroom and planned special snacks of popsicles, ice cream cones, sandwiches and tacos and fruit kebobs.  Bringing the outdoors in sometimes involves much creativity on the Providers’ part, putting sand in  boxes and water in plastic containers, or baby bathtubs. Sand and water play is a great sensory activity for all ages and provides opportunities to promote
math skills, sink and float exploration, just to name a few.  Even the wee ones practice their fine motor skills by filling and dumping their buckets.

Some children in the homes practiced their front crawl and backstrokes during Simon Says while others dug in the sand for magnetic letters to spell words or to name the letters they found.  Thanks to Kinda for sending in the pictures of the children in “grass” skirts made from cutting up newspapers, another great fine motor activity!  What a great day for some summer fun until the real warm sunny weather is upon us!

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