“Wee Care Cookies” Terry Fox, September 2011

The month of September is a busy month. Children are entering day care for the first time. Children who have been with us for years are going off to Kindergarten or Grade One.  September is also the time we remember Terry Fox. In late August of 1980 I was driving home from Alberta after spending a summer in Edmonton working.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch in northern Ontario and I remember seeing a large camper with banners all over it, but at the time I had no idea what it was all about. The news of Terry Fox had not reached Alberta before we left to come home for school. It was not until I got home that I realized I had seen Terry Fox. This was only a few days before he had to give up the run and return home for more cancer treatments.

Now every September we remember Terry and his dream by running, walking or as we did this year at Wee Watch, bake cookies. I do not always have the luxury of spending time with children to play but this year I took time away from the office and went to two homes to bake cookies with some Wee Watch children. I love to bake and when my children were young, I let them help me in the kitchen, so it was great to go and share the experience again (my children are grown and living on their own).

Adults are often too afraid to let children help in the kitchen. They don’t like the potential mess, but that is all it is, mess, that can be easily cleaned up. Even the youngest child who was only one year was able to help stir the batter (with help) and put some batter on the cookie tray (with help). The older children that ranged from 2 to 4 were more engaged and were excited to try to do something fun.

Some cookies were too close to each other on the tray, or too small, too big, or messy looking, but that didn’t matter. When baked they all taste the same. Sharing the experience and allowing them to try was what counted.

Both households made the cookies in the morning but the children were not going to be eating the cookies until their afternoon snack and saving some for Mom and Dad to have when they arrived at the end of the day.  This didn’t seem to matter to them, watching the white stuff turn into batter and then the batter turn into cookies was far more interesting. It’s like science! If we could just look at life through the eyes of a child more often as adults we probably wouldn’t be so stressed.

Terry took a dream (cookie ingredients) and ran across the country (stirring the cookie dough) and created a legacy (a batch of cookies). Terry was allowed to dream big and look where his dream took him and his legacy. Always let your child have grand dreams, they can accomplish so much with just a little encouragement.

 Wee Watch Burlington

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