Masquerade Dance-A-Thon and Food Drive, December 12, 2012

Masquerade Dance-A-Thon & Food Drive

On December 12, 2012 the Wee Watch children participated in a masquerade dance-a-thon to support their local food bank.  The donations gathered raised money for families in need.  The children dressed up in masks that they had made in advance and danced for as long as they could.

To get the children excited about the dance, Providers decorated their playrooms with streamers, balloons, and indoor Christmas lights.  Providers were encouraged to play a variety of music both fast and slow paced.  Children were encouraged to move utilizing different body movements such as jumping, swaying, bending, and even rolling.  Our Providers timed how long the children danced for each time, and created a record of how long the group danced.

The children also decorated a collection box for non-perishable food items to be donated to the local food banks.  Many boxes of baby formula, canned meat and fish, canned fruit and vegetables and macaroni and cheese were collected by our Home Visitors and distributed to the area food banks.

A recent report released by the Ontario Association of Food Banks said the usage of food banks is at an all time high with more than 412,000 Ontarians depending on food support or hunger-relief programs.  The largest use of food bank services is children with 160,000 kids accessing food banks monthly.  Some of the largest growing groups of food bank users are single-parent households, the working poor, senior citizens, university students and recent graduates.

A big thanks to all of the families and Providers who participated and helped in this very beneficial program, many families throughout Ontario will have a full stomach with the help of the Wee Watch children and families.

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