Mad Science “Water” Week – July 18 – 22, 2011

Our Mad Science “Water” Week in July was amazing.  I think the biggest thrill for me was realizing just how much the children were really learning and how excited they were about it.

You don’t know the meaning of “Learning through Play” until you see how totally focused 18 month old Caitlyn and 12 month old Lincoln  were when they could see a flower float and a shell sink, then hold these objects in their hands and talk about heavy and light. Rashda was so proud of them.

Water experiments  for Nicholas 6 and Samantha 8 at Stephanie’s involved a magnifying glass, grass and a worm. Samantha and Nicholas were a lot more involved verbally and excited about making predictions.  But they especially loved the constarch “goop”.

Then we saw Selina  who had Luke 5 & Tyler 3 learning how looking through a water bottle changes how we see familiar objects.  Then dropping and counting a total of 22 rocks into a container and understanding the term displacement.

Parveez with 4 Wee Watch children Cristian & Ava age 4, Jeremy 3 1/2 and Gabriella 2 showed a lot of co-operative play experience in their learning.  Watching the Solid turn quickly back to runny yet still be able to form it, the car when placed did however sink ahh!!

Lulu’s 5 children also enjoyed the experiments and water fun during the week.  William -2 1/2, Mikayla – 1 1/2, Alexia – almost 5, Athena – 2 1/2 and Adriana 5, also had fun taking turns dropping items into the water in anticipation of the “sink or float” result. 

Rashda in Maple, Selina  and Stephanie in Bolton, Parveez in Concord , and Lulu  in Woodbridge achieved an excellent score in the “Programming Section” in their Reach for the Top ratings.

Thank you so much for a very memorable week.
Margaret Betty
Wee Watch Caledon/ Vaughan

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