Benvenuti! (Welcome)

Our children continued to expand their cultural experiences and travelled to the beautiful country of Italy in July celebrating the “Festa dei due Mondi (festival of two worlds).” Famous Italian singers have performed at this festival including Luciano Pavarotti who raised the profile of opera music for all ages to enjoy. Where there is singing and celebrations there is always food in Italy.

Proudly wearing our homemade chef hats, the children sang while flipping and dressing their pizza’s for lunch enabling them to enhance social, fine motor and cognitive skills in this fun activity. Eating their pizza creation was the best part of course! Buon Appetito! Other providers made a yummy macaroni and cheese dish while some children enjoyed painting the pasta and making necklaces or flags out of them.

The children also learned that Italians are not only known for their love of food including pasta, pizza and “Nutella” but also fashion and art. We explored the beauty of stained glass windows which are found throughout all of Italy in Cathedrals and famous places. We also talked about the famous character “Pinocchio” who was the boy that came to life. His creator was an Italian Author named Carlo Collodi. These wooden marionette replicas can be found in stores and outdoor markets throughout Italy and our children had the opportunity to make their own with popsicle sticks, poster board, some paint, rubber bands and glue.

Our weather in July was very reflective of the temperatures in Italy reaching as high as 30 Celsius in some parts. In Italy, locals will travel to the country side and mountains to cool down. In Ontario we cooled ourselves down in parks with shady trees while enjoying the popular Italian sport of soccer (If anyone asks, tell them you are a “Juventus” fan!) and refreshing ourselves later in some friendly water play. July’s trip to Italy was a wonderful experience and offered our children a celebration of food, music and fun!


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