It was a magical morning. I couldn’t help but delight in the jewel patterns that the sun left on the soft, green grass and bits of leaves and twigs as the bright rays danced through the leaves of the big old trees that call home to Sunnidale Park in Barrie. It made me think of the many jewels that adorn the mummies that are such big part of Egyptian history and culture. The sky through the trees was clear and blue. Just like the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea that border two sides of Egypt although the clear waters of Egypt have more of a turquoise colour. The famous Nile River also runs through the vast desert land with sand as afar as the eye can see …….the land called Egypt.

It really was a magical morning filled with smiling faces and eyes bright with excitement. Everyone eager to explore the park, take in the fresh late summer air and explore the ancient land of Egypt. Our Summer ECE College student Bree had planned a morning of activities and crafts including a delightful snack all based on the theme of Egypt. We learned a little bit about the culture and the history as we played and enjoyed the company of our friends. We learned the capital of Egypt is Cairo. We drew pictures of mummies. We built pyramids with blocks. We played some games and we adventured through the “desert sands” in the playground. We took a break from all the activity to share snack with our friends. Pita, hummus and yogurt was on this morning’s menu in honour of Egyptian culture.

We all had fun enjoying the perfect day. Some of the children created large mummy pictures and others worked together..

Egypt’s Foods
Bread is served at most every meal in Egypt.  Bread is usually made from corn, barley, or rice instead of wheat.  Rice, couscous, beans, and fruits are also served.  Egyptian people do not eat much meat, milk, or dairy foods.   When meat is eaten, it is usually beef, lamb, goat, or rabbit.

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