“A Box of My Own” November 2011

Going Green is a passion of many Providers and parents within Wee Watch, so it’s great to see that in November our Together Wee Can theme was about National Child Day and ‘Go Green’.

Children are like little sponges and they are always open to new ideas.  They can carry these new ideas home and participate in recycling at home too!  Having children participate in a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility and develops skills that are useful in later life. It stimulates our children’s imagination, social interaction and language development. 

Promoting ‘Go Green’ awareness in children is a lot easier than you might think, Providers were encourage to look around their homes. Who doesn’t like a box?  So this month for Together Wee Can Providers and children did ‘A Box of My Own’!! Regular old shoe boxes were made into beautiful jewellery boxes, a lego boxes, a car boxes.  All decorated by them. 

Some Peterborough Providers made ‘A Box of My Own’ playhouses with their children.  Letting them be involved in the design and decorating allows them to take ownership. The pretend play that came from this ‘Go Green’ activity was terrific. The children decided moment by moment what they wanted to do in ‘their house’.  It changed continually, one moment it was a quiet area, then dramatic play, then creative and so on…….

Providers even saved buttons and other counting items (Using them for counting games, sorting games, colour games), as well as the children’s crafts for the month in their own box. With Christmas coming, Providers are now eagerly looking forward to recycling the bows, ribbons, boxes. The fine motors skills and imagination and creativity is endless.

In celebration of National Child’s Day, Wee Watch care providers and children are promoting creative, self expression with ‘A Box of my Own’.

So our Together Wee Can theme ‘A Box of My Own’ will last well into the new year.

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